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They chose iA because...

To be convincing, you have to be convinced

In my opinion, everyone would enjoy a career as an administrator. Having worked in several different fields, I know how hard it can be to find your passion in your work. As an administrator, I was able to develop my knowledge and my skills every day.

The primary role of an administrator is developing an analytical mindset. Every day is different, because even though the transactions seem the same, every situation and every client is different. It’s satisfying to take on challenges and develop our skills. We’re always busy and the days pass quickly. Our job is to be efficient and courteous in order to improve our relationships with our clients.

Being an administrator also means working on being a good team player. Our daily tasks require constant coordination with a great team in order to optimize the performance of each person. We all need to feel that our particular skills and abilities are valued, especially at work.

This job helps to strengthen the feeling that the work you’re doing is rewarding. It helps you develop your skills and provides many opportunities for advancement. Having an employer that sees its employees as individuals is priceless and makes it easier to love your job.

Our managers listen to us and are very flexible. We also enjoy being able to work from home. All of these things make being an administrator a motivating and inspiring job.

Joey Poirier Pelletier Administration Technician, Settlements Team

I have been a Group Savings and Retirement administrator for about a year now, and it has been a wonderful experience! I am the type of person who best works in a fast-paced environment, is well organized and can communicate confidently with customers and clients, making an administrator role perfect for me.

Every day we receive various types of requests such as moving money between institutions, processing cheques and terminating memberships. Due to the high volumes, we have to be able to work under pressure to meet our deadlines and process efficiently.

Having organizational skills is an asset in an administrative role because deadlines can vary from the same day to several business days, depending on the type of task. Luckily, we have lots of support within our teams and from management if we ever need help.

Lastly, the communication aspect of this role is something that I enjoy. We often receive inquiries from clients, plan administrators and other teams. I have to be able to communicate effectively so that there is no confusion and any questions or concerns are answered.

Administrators have to be comfortable communicating on the phone or via email in a professional and confident manner. Depending on the team you are on, the volume of phone calls and emails will vary, however, being able to clearly communicate with your teammates is just as important and relevant to the role as communicating with customers and clients.

Natalie Bullata Administrator, Group Savings and Retirement

The global pandemic that hit in March 2020 has made a difference all of our lives. For me, after five years in the restaurant business as a manager, it was time to move on to something new.

In the fall of that year, I joined the group savings and retirement team as a student administrator, and, at the same time, I went back to school to work on my Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.

Balancing work and studies can sometimes be daunting, but at iA Financial Group, I never felt pressured by my managers and they were always very understanding when I needed to spend more time on my university studies. For them, school came first, which lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and motivated me to be dedicated and do my best.

For one year, I was able to develop my skills in group savings and retirement while confirming my choice of career, because my job was directly related to my field of study. iA Financial Group gave me the stability I had been looking for for a long time as well as a fantastic team that makes my day-to-day life much more enjoyable.

That’s why, in 2022, I decided to join the group savings and retirement team permanently, while continuing my studies part time. For all of these reasons, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend iA Financial Group as an ideal employer!

Frédérick Gagnon Administrator, Cashing

You’ll love this job if…

  • You’re faster than lightning
  • You thrive on challenges
  • You’re the “search and find” champion at work
  • Communication is your cup of tea;

You won’t like this job if…

  • Routine is your best friend
  • You’re not big on numbers
  • Speaking in a videoconference makes you anxious
  • Working in a team isn’t for you
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