Leader in segregated
funds in Canada

High standards in evaluation and development that set us apart

  • The in-depth expertise of an internal investment management team (iAGAM)
  • A range of funds managed by renowned external managers and firms
  • An identical, comprehensive fund lineup with IAG Savings and Retirement Plan Classic Series 75/75 and 75/100
  • A mix of active and passive management offering more flexibility to investors
  • A superior fund lineup offering Prestige preferential pricing
  • Managed solutions to make your life easier
  • Competitive management fees

Leading the industry since 2016

Our enviable position isn’t just by chance. We’ve earned it through the continuous hard work of our expert teams who are focused on selecting qualified portfolio managers and closely monitoring fund performance. Our goal is to always offer our clients and advisors a superior lineup of funds.

A seasoned team behind iAGAM’s success

  • A team of over 170 people, almost all of whom are investment professionals
  • Managing over $100 billion in assets allocated among general portfolios, segregated funds and mutual funds
  • Portfolio managers focused on:
    • Fundamental analysis
    • Value identification
    • Long-term investment
    • Risk management


  • iA Financial Group general funds
  • Segregated funds and mutual funds
  • Pension plans and pension funds
  • Foundations, institutional clients and more

To learn more: iagam.ca

Our external managers are highly experienced and come from brand-name firms as well as smaller boutique firms with specific investment expertise.

Much more than a question of performance

At iA Financial Group, we have an internal team dedicated to the selection and monitoring of external managers that evaluates them on the basis of their investment team, process and performance.

The benefits of segregated funds coupled with the valuable advice of a financial security professional brings peace of mind while stimulating the growth of wealth.

The main benefits of segregated funds

  • Capital protection upon maturity or death
  • Protection of investment gains through resets 1
  • Possibility of avoiding probate fees 2
  • Quick settlement in case of death
  • Possible creditor protection 3
  • Simplicity in tax reporting
  • Possibility of receiving a lifetime guaranteed income
1 Available with IAG Savings and Retirement Plan Series 75/100, 100/100 and FORLIFE.
2 Probate fees may vary based on the province of residence and personal situation of each client.
3 Certain conditions apply.

Overview of our fund lineup

Carefully selected, our lineup includes a variety of asset classes, complementary management styles and geographic diversification allowing you to take advantage of the market’s full potential.

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