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Senior Client Relationship Manager

Family situation

Single, mother of three children

Jacquie’s good cheer and vitality are contagious! This theatre enthusiast and mother of three has energy to spare. She already knows that when she retires, she wants to stay active and not stop working completely. She’s also looking forward to becoming a grandmother when the time comes; she can’t wait to add even more action to her daily routine! Jacquie tells us how she’s preparing for retirement, which began late in her case. She insists that there is no sum too small when it comes to your savings. As the saying goes, “a little goes a long way”!

Jacquie’s 3 pieces of advice:

  • If you have a group retirement savings plan at work, then you’re in luck! Make the most of it as early as you can; it’s never too late. Saving for retirement should be a priority.
  • Finding a part-time job in retirement in a field that matches your interests can be a great way to make additional income while staying social and keeping your brain active!
  • It’s important to keep track of your income and expenses in order to stay on course with your goals. It’s also a good habit to set up automatic contributions to various savings vehicles.

“What’s most important is finding balance and putting money aside for the things that make you happy!”



Quebec City


Promotion and Marketing Advisor

Family situation

In a relationship, father of one child

For Neil, family is precious. He loves spending time with his spouse and daughter. He also enjoys travelling and exploring new cities, wandering the streets in search of hidden gems. In 2010, Neil moved to Canada to join his spouse from his native England. He tells us the story of his immigration and the challenges he faced. He also tells us about buying his first home and planning his budget as a young parent.

Neil’s 3 pieces of advice:

  • When looking for your first home, find a property that fits your budget and the space you actually need. If you can afford a downpayment of at least 20%, you can avoid having to buy mortgage insurance.
  • Since the immigration process is long, it’s a good idea to get started sooner rather than later. Start preparing in advance by looking for job opportunities online.
  • A great investment choice is to open an education savings plan (RESP) as soon as your child is born and contribute the maximum each year.

“To stay financially healthy, I always make sure I live within my means.”





Client Relationship Manager

Family situation

Married, mother of two children

Lynn is a mom who loves curling and travel. She’s sweet, friendly, inspiring and extremely resilient. She’s been through many challenges over the last few years: after her husband’s stroke and long months of rehabilitation, she lost her house in a fire. These challenges made her completely rethink her life, both personally and financially. She tells us about dealing with life’s setbacks and the importance of being prepared and protected.

Lynn’s 3 pieces of advice:

  • Make sure you’re covered for unforeseen events, because catastrophes don’t just happen to other people. Without critical illness insurance and home insurance, I don’t know what we would have done!
  • You need to accept help from others when going through hard times. Not only does it give you a break, it’s also rewarding for those making the offer. Joining support groups online was also a huge help.
  • While money is often a taboo subject, it’s crucial for a couple to be aware of their overall situation to be ready to face the unforeseen.

“When going through hard times, you have to know how to get back on your feet and keep moving forward.”

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Kenrick invites Lynn, Jacquie and Neil to discuss their journey and how they’ve managed their personal finances. Various topics will be discussed, including:

  • What to do when an accident or tragedy turns your life upside down
  • The challenges of moving to a new country
  • How to juggle costs when raising children
  • How to plan for big life projects, such as buying a first home or retirement

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