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A foggy windshield can cause an accident

Have you ever driven around with a foggy windshield or defective wipers? Driving like that is certainly riskier—the same goes for your retirement. Planning properly for retirement might be difficult, if not impossible, if you can’t see clearly and get a good look at the obstacles ahead.

To increase your chances of reaching your destination comfortably, take advantage of our online tools and services. They’re designed for you, to help make your life easier.

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Our various online tools and services

When it comes to retirement, our online tools and services are the perfect complement to proper planning.

My Client Space

On our secure transactional website, you can view your complete retirement savings portfolio and manage it in just a few clicks.

Main features

  • Get your tax slips
  • Generate your statements
  • Change your asset allocation and your investment instructions
  • Designate or change your beneficiaries
  • Use the retirement simulator
  • Complete your investor profile


My Client Space won the highest distinction awarded by the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association (IFCA) in 2015.

To start using My Client Space, you’ll first need to create your account. You can also use this account to use iA Mobile.

To create your account, follow these steps.

iA Mobile

Our app for Apple and Android phones and tablets provides a practical, up-to-date and user-friendly portrait of your retirement savings.

Main features

  • See how much you have saved
  • Check your return
  • Generate your statement
  • Contribute to your group RRSP, TFSA and (in Quebec) to your VRSP
  • Designate or change your beneficiaries
  • Complete or update your investor profile


iA Mobile won bronze in the Digital Media – Apps and Tools category at the FCS Portfolio Awards held in May 2019.

Download iA Mobile

To use iA Mobile, you must have created your account in My Client Space.

My Retirement website

The My Retirement website is an indispensable tool to help you plan and live comfortably in retirement.

On the website, you will find information and advice on:

  • The basics of retirement
  • Key milestones in retirement planning
  • Many different topics important before and during your retirement (your money, your health, your plans and your family and friends).

You’ll also find a questionnaire to help you to determine whether you’re ready to retire.



At the 2017 FCS Portfolio Awards, the My Retirement website won an award of excellence in the Digital Media category.

No more waiting—get answers fast!

Our online tools and services are easily accessible 24/7—no need to wait on the phone to get your questions answered. Give them a try; you’ll save lots of time. Plus, our online tools are always evolving to better meet your needs.

Information sent to you from iA Financial Group—other than through our online tools—is up-to-date at the time it is provided. However, this information can change quickly. Also, involuntary delays can arise from regular mail, wait times at the call centre or filling out paper forms.

Our online tools and services provide quick and efficient access to the right information, every time!

My Client Space iA Mobile
Make changes to your asset allocation or investment instructions -
Use the retirement simulator -
Complete your investor profile
Obtain your statement
Designate or change your beneficiaries
Contribute to your group RRSP, TFSA and (Quebec only) VRSP
Obtain your tax receipts for your group RRSP or (Quebec only) VRSP contribution
Project the amount that you will have accumulated at retirement
Find out the current balance in your plan
Follow the rate of return on your investments