Continuous Improvement Consultant

What is this all about?

Who better than the consultants themselves to explain?

The coach Philip Paré - Montreal

A manager supporting other managers –what a difference!

My work gives me the opportunity to support managers and their teams in implementing and using the Daily Management System which, among other things, allows teams to get involved in daily problem solving. I also support them in achieving certain business objectives such as optimizing processes, analysis for new opportunities, and overcoming challenges. Our Lean culture guides me in training and supporting managers to be autonomous and to use the various problem-solving tools with their teams.

I get to travel between our different offices, learn about our various lines of business and help my colleagues to exceed in their objectives.

Essentially, I facilitate integration of change within teams and I’m constantly taking on challenges together with a fantastic team. What could be better?

Philip Paré

Continuous Improvement Consultant, Montreal

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The facilitator Olga Makoyeva - Toronto

From coast to coast

A major part of my role is to lead and facilitate different kinds of workshops that help teams discover out-of-the-box solutions and ideas to improve their processes, doing their strategic planning, and resolving complex problems. This gives me the opportunity to work with employees in all of our offices and subsidiaries all over Canada. I guide them towards an objective that they’ve set for themselves and through this process I’m continuously learning about all about the various teams across iAFG.

It’s very rewarding to complete a project knowing that my colleagues have grown and moved forward with a sense of accomplishment. I really thrive in this cool, motivating environment at iA Financial Group. The teams are very diverse and they’re constantly teaching me how to improve.

Olga Makoyeva

Continuous Improvement Consultant, Toronto

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The learner Dominique Gagné-Belley - Quebec

Helping others to excel, how does that help me?

My days are dedicated to supporting my colleagues in all lines of business and helping them find innovative approaches. I work with them to help improve the way they work. To optimize people’s creativity, I experiment with new tools and new approaches. I also enjoy staying current with the latest trends, whether through training, reading or following business benchmarks. These different ways of learning allow me to better support teams throughout the company and help them excel. It’s very fulfilling!

Dominique Gagné-Belley

Continuous Improvement Consultant, Quebec

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You’ll like this job if…

  • You pick things up quickly
  • The status quo is not even an option for you
  • You support others in achieving their goals
  • Jack of all trades, master of none* describes you perfectly

* On te met au défi de trouver l’équivalent en français, sans Google!

You won’t like this job if…

  • You’re always stuck in your own head
  • You’re like a bull in a china shop
  • You’re allergic to Sharpies and Post-It notes
  • You get butterflies in your stomach in public