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An average savings of $257

Save on your auto insurance just like those who trust iA Auto and Home Insurance.

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Home and car insurance discount

Combine your home and auto insurance and save! What’s more, if you ever have to file a claim that involves both your car and home, you’ll only have one deductible to pay.

Multi-vehicle discount

Save up to 15% off your premium when you insure two or more cars under the same policy.

Multi-product discount

Save up to 10% on your auto and home insurance if you have other Industrial Alliance products.

Anti-theft discount

Save up to 15% off your premium if you install an approved anti-theft system or vehicle tracking device in your car.

Mobiliz, for 16-24 year olds

Young drivers can save 25% off their premium simply by being good drivers!

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For your car

Insure your car with us and enjoy customized coverage to fit your car and your needs.

Our car insurance products are only available in the province of Quebec.

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For your motorcycle or recreational vehicle

Enjoy all the protection you need for your recreational vehicle at a price you can afford.

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No deductible to pay for windshield repair


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An average of $257 in savings for new customers

For the same protection, I save $100 a month—that’s $1,200 a year. It’s worth switching.

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