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Transfer your Mortgage

When it comes time to renew your mortgage, you have the option of changing lenders without penalty. By transferring your mortgage to us, you can benefit from new mortgage terms and a better interest rate.

Transfer your mortgage to us in just 4 easy steps

  1. You discuss your needs with one of our advisors in order to pinpoint the right mortgage for you. 
  2. You provide the necessary documents and information regarding your property, job and financial situation. 
  3. We analyze your file.  
  4. You sign the contract. 

Why transfer your mortgage to us?

Transferring your mortgage is a great way to save. You benefit from better mortgage terms and a more advantageous interest rate.

You may change lenders during your mortgage renewal, free of charge.

If, however, you decide to transfer your mortgage before it is due, we can, depending on the situation, assume some transfer-related fees on your behalf.

In all cases, you come out ahead and enjoy mortgage terms that are just right for you.

If you already have a mortgage with us

It is only natural that your needs change over time. Whether you want to sell your property or would like to have more cash on hand, we have the right solution for you.

If you sell your property, you can, under certain conditions, transfer your mortgage to your new propertyto your new property so that you can retain some of the advantages of your mortgage.

If you need cash to finance a project, you should think about refinancing or a new advance.

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