Biography and conference

Philippe Millette

Assistant VP, Sales, Individual Savings & Retirement

Philippe Millette has specialized in the field of financial services for nearly 25 years. After completing his studies in Economics and Finance, he worked in the field of investments, both Mutual Funds and Securities.

Over the years, he has been a Fund Consultant for a bank, a Financial Analyst for a portfolio management firm and an Investment Specialist in the field of private management. It is through contact with successful financial advisors that he became hooked on business development. His diverse experience, talent for simplifying the complex and passion for researching customized solutions have enabled him to become a successful wholesaler.

Always eager to learn and take on new challenges, he then endeavoured into the world of life insurance.

Today, his motivation lies in sharing this unique expertise by combining his understanding of economic issues with his unique understanding of the needs of financial advisors and their clients as well as an interest in advanced insurance concepts and portfolio management.