Hi! I’m the iA Virtual Assistant.

iA Financial Group presents its virtual assistant. It’s still new, but it’s learning quickly. It can tell you the balance of your savings plans, talk to you about your most recent group insurance claim and lots of other topics. Just ask: “What can you do for me?”

Ask it

The iA Virtual Assistant can tell you whether your recent group insurance claim has been processed. For example, it can tell you the amount you were reimbursed and the date it was deposited in your bank account.

If your group insurance plan includes a health spending account, the iA Virtual Assistant can tell you your current balance.

The iA Virtual Assistant can tell you the rate of return for your investments for the current year for each of your plans. It can also tell you the overall return for all your group plans.

The iA Virtual Assistance can tell you the amount of savings accumulated in your plan. If you have several plans, the iA Virtual Assistant can also tell you the total amount accumulated for all of your plans.

After asking you a few questions such as your current age, the age you want to retire, and the amount and frequency of your contributions, the iA Virtual Assistant can make an estimate for the amount you will have accumulated when you retire.

To help you reach your savings goals, the iA Virtual Assistant can calculate for you the amount you should be contributing to your RRSP each year until you retire.

To get

  1. Download the Google Assistant app onto your phone or tablet.
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  2. Say "OK Google. Talk to iA Financial Group."
  3. Start your conversation with the iA Virtual Assistant.

Available on:

  • Google Home
  • Google Home Mini
  • iPhone et iPad
  • Android phones and tablets

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding the iA Virtual Assistant, please contact our artificial intelligence specialists.
To learn more about the iA Virtual Assistant, see our FAQ.

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