Jacques Potvin | The offensive player

Executive Vice-President, CFO and Chief Actuary
Jacques Potvin is an unassuming team player whose conscientious efforts ensure the strength and prosperity of iA Financial Group.

If the senior managers of iA Financial Group were a hockey team, Jacques Potvin would definitely play defense. “An offensive defenseman!”, insists the Executive Vice-President, CFO and Chief Actuary. “I’m not the guy to put it in the net, even if I can. Instead, I’m there to support the attack, restart the play and go the extra mile”, illustrates the guard dog of the Canadian insurance and wealth management company’s financial strength.

This 52-year old succeeds Renée Chabot as Chief Actuary, a position he has held for a year already. As for the anecdote, it’s René Chabot who hired Jacques Potvin 28 years ago, when he finished his studies in actuarial science. “We had a good connection during the interview”, recalls the proud native of Lac-Saint-Jean, laughing.

The transparency and poise Jacques Potvin demonstrated opened the door to a career at iA Financial Group, his first and only employer. For this talented student, entering the job market was a key moment. “I really caught the bug for my field. Since then, I’ve experienced various fields and have met exceptional people”, he says.

Jacques Potvin oversees Actuarial Services, Accounting Services and Taxation, Investor Relations, Legal Services and Material Resources. In short, he has many responsibilities. Despite everything, he doesn’t feel the pressure to perform. “My trick is to enjoy my work. I’m convinced that you can be serious while having fun, even if it seems contradictory”, he explains. In his spare time, this fun-loving man enjoys fishing, gardening, and cooking.

During his journey at iA Financial Group, he has worn many hats and occupied many positions. For example, in 1994, he moved from Actuarial Services to IT, where he recalls being “left behind on the very first day”. He immediately learned to swallow his pride and leave his comfort zone to the benefit of the Group’s insureds and investors. “It’s like they’re my family: there’s no doubt that I want to treat them well”, he concludes.