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iA Financial Group introduces a different way to invest

Quebec City,

News Release

iA Financial Group is dedicated to keeping clients at the centre of its operations and offering its clients and advisors segregated funds with new growth opportunities. The company set itself apart again today with the launch of the Thematic Innovation Fund, managed by Jean-Pierre Chevalier, portfolio manager at iA Investment Management (iAIM).

The Thematic Innovation Fund is a U.S. equity fund which offers a different way to invest by focusing on innovation— by investing in companies from all sectors that are benefitting from technological advances or that are prospering in a perpetually changing environment.

“The investment strategy focuses not strictly on investing in technology itself, but instead on targeting companies that are benefitting from changes caused by technological innovations and avoiding those that will be negatively impacted,” says Jean-Pierre Chevalier.

There are four main investment themes: intelligent connectivity, future energy, industrial digitisation and next generation genomics, as well as 40 related sub-themes. The 100 to 120 securities that make up the fund were strategically chosen from over 700 companies that benefit from the influence of the four investment themes chosen.

“This new fund will meet our advisors’ need to differentiate themselves in a competitive market by introducing new solutions for innovative investments,” adds Mr. Chevalier.

The fund has shown a very attractive net return and performed better than its reference index (S&P 500) with similar risk. It also allows unit holders to benefit from all the advantages of segregated funds with a very competitive management expense ratio, starting at 2.20%.

This fund is available in the Classic 75/75 and 75/100 series of the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan as well as My Education+.