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iA Financial Group offers new global investment options

Quebec City,

News Release

iA Financial Group is pleased to announce that it has introduced new global managed solutions to its segregated fund offer. The company’s clients, who already have access to several international investment options, can now benefit from three new asset allocation funds, under the global diversification theme. These funds are managed by Clément Gignac, senior vice-president and chief economist, and his team at iA Investment Management (iAIM).

Highly anticipated by advisors and clients, these diversified fund options meet the growing need of the market for solutions that offer greater diversification within the various asset classes and many regions around the world.

The three new funds are:

  • Global Asset Allocation Security (iAIM)
  • Global Asset Allocation (iAIM)
  • Global Asset Allocation Opportunity (iAIM)

These new managed solutions respond to three profiles, from the most prudent (Security) to the most aggressive (Opportunity). They offer clients the possibility of optimizing their exposure to the global market, including to alternative asset classes, while maintaining a competitive management expense ratio.

iA Financial Group is a pioneer
“We are among the first to offer, in Canada, a new fund series, in terms of segregated funds, that gives regular investors direct access to private alternative and real asset classes like real estate, mortgage loans, infrastructure, private equity and private debt, which are normally reserved for institutions and large pension funds that require a major investment and/or high fees”, states Clément Gignac.

“Besides the advantages provided by segregated funds, our investors continue to benefit from our expertise in terms of asset allocation, and our dynamic hedging of exposure to foreign currencies”, he adds.

These funds will be managed by internal and external managers, to guarantee better diversification. This will help investors draw on a broad range of expertise covering several asset classes, including the Global Bond Fund and the Emerging Markets Bond Fund, both managed by PineBridge.

These funds are available in the Classic 75/75 and 75/100 series of the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan as well as My Education+.