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iA Financial Group presents its Sustainable Development Policy

Quebec City,

News Release

iA Financial Group continues to make progress in respect of sustainable development with the adoption of an official policy in this regard. The company introduces this policy in its 2017 Social Responsibility Report, now available online.

Earlier this year, the iA Financial Group board of directors officially adopted a sustainable development policy, thus, clearly expressing the company’s commitment to creating not only economic value but societal value as well. The company also shares its sustainable development guidelines with its stakeholders.

The seven guidelines are as follows:

  1. Ensure the financial wellbeing of our clients
  2. Effectively manage risks
  3. Follow high standards of governance
  4. Actively contribute to our communities
  5. Manage environmental impacts
  6. Create a rewarding work environment
  7. Practice responsible sourcing

Highlights of the 2017 Social Responsibility Report:

  • $67 million invested in renewable energy
  • $4.3 million in donations to close to 450 organizations, the equivalent of $765 per employee
  • Altogether, our 2017 United Way-Centraide campaigns allowed us to give a total of $1,451,985 to community organizations.
  • Eighteen (18) of the buildings owned by iA Financial Group, more than half of its real estate portfolio, have earned BOMA BEST certification.

The Sustainable Development Policy and the 2017 Social Responsibility Report are available at, in the About iA section under Sustainable development.