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iA Financial Group extends its Prestige preferential pricing program

Quebec City,

News Release

iA Financial Group announced today that it is expanding its Prestige preferential pricing. The company’s clients will now benefit from easier access to lower fees for segregated funds, and the ability to share this privileged pricing with their immediate and extended family members.

iA Financial Group launched its Prestige preferential pricing program in 2015 in order to recognize clients’ savings efforts by giving reduced management fees to those who achieved the minimum asset threshold of $300,000.

Starting today, all clients who have assets with iA Financial Group will be able to create family groupings in order to combine their assets with any family members living at the same address, making it easier to reach the required minimum of $300,000. Once eligible, the group members will automatically benefit from significantly reduced fees, up to 0.61%, as well as the many advantages offered by segregated funds.

In addition, if requested, grouping members can share this benefit with members of their extended family, regardless of their level of assets or place of residence.

An advantage unique to iA Financial Group
“We know that our clients work hard to save and grow their investments. Many factors that can affect investment growth; market fluctuation, distribution of assets, but also the fees associated with their investment choices. We want to recognize these efforts by extending access to our Prestige preferential pricing to help our clients maximize the growth of their savings and their family members’ investments," said Manon Gauthier, Senior Vice-President, Individual Savings and Retirement.

“Once again, iA Financial Group stands out by introducing not only a program designed specifically for our clients, but also a unique online management tool for our advisors,” she added. “This new tool will help advisors efficiently manage groupings and sharing of the Prestige preferential pricing among extended family members. Using this intuitive tool, advisors will be able to easily create family groupings online in less than three minutes!”

The total assets eligible for the Prestige preferential pricing program remain the same and include all segregated fund contracts and guaranteed investments. Fee reduction can reach up to 0.61% based on the selected series and segregated funds. Prestige preferential pricing applies to all funds available in the Classic and 75/100 series of the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan as well as My Education+ (RESP).