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iA Financial Group Expands Its Car Dealer Business to the US


News Release

iA Financial Group announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire the shares of privately-owned, US-based Dealers Assurance Company and Southwest Reinsure, Inc. (collectively “DAC”) for a purchase price of US$135 million. Founded in 1985 and based primarily in the Southwest US, DAC manufactures and distributes vehicle service contracts, or extended warranties, through a cross-country network of new and used car dealers in the US.

This acquisition more than doubles the scale of the Company’s vehicle warranty business. In 2016, iA Financial Group reported direct written premiums of $197 million from vehicle warranties in Canada. With the addition of DAC in the US, combined premiums on a similar basis would represent approximately $500 million. All amounts in Canadian dollars on a current exchange rate basis.

“Having built a solid presence in personal insurance in the US and after close consideration of strategic opportunities to enlarge our US footprint, we have chosen to make our next move in the automobile warranty market,” commented Yvon Charest, President and CEO of iA Financial Group. “This is a business where we have built tremendous know-how and experience over the last 20 years in Canada, which we now want to leverage in the larger US market.”

“The US market for extended warranties is about $15 billion or ten times that of Canada,” added Mike Stickney, President of iA American. “It is very fragmented with significant opportunity for growth and consolidation. With our solid track record in the extended warranty business in Canada together with the established presence of DAC in the US, we look forward to this new chapter in our US expansion with great anticipation.”

The acquisition will be financed from cash on hand and reduce the Company’s solvency ratio by approximately eight percentage points. It is expected to be modestly accretive to earnings in 2018 and to contribute $0.05 per share in 2019. The transaction is scheduled to close in the last quarter of 2017, subject to the usual regulatory approvals in Canada and the U.S.

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