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iA Financial Group expands its global segregated fund offer


News Release

Today, iA Financial Group is launching four new global funds and a family of five global index portfolios. The company has partnered with renowned companies Forstrong Global Asset Management and Fidelity Investments to enhance its offer with the addition of four new global segregated funds:
  • Global Diversified Fixed Income (Forstrong)
  • Global Diversified Equity (Forstrong)
  • Fidelity Global Monthly Income
  • Fidelity Global Concentrated Equity

Forstrong funds
Forstrong Global Asset Management has been a member of the iA Group since 2013. Tyler Mordy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Forstrong, is a senior portfolio manager. Mr. Mordy is a recognized innovator in the design and management of exchange-traded funds (ETF).

“These new funds are an excellent complement to a portfolio by encouraging global exposure, thereby making it possible to manage risks overall”, says Manon Gauthier, Senior Vice-President, Individual Savings and Retirement. Mr. Mordy ensures strategic portfolio diversification by analyzing growth and income opportunities within a wide range of asset classes, sectors, countries and currencies.

In addition to these two new funds, Forstrong also manages the Global Diversified Fund (Forstrong).

Fidelity funds
The iA Financial Group fund lineup is also being enhanced by two new global funds managed by Fidelity Investments: Fidelity Global Monthly Income and Fidelity Global Concentrated Equity.

The principal portfolio managers, Geoff Stein and David Wolf, bring a prebuilt global solution with the Fidelity Global Monthly Income Fund. This fund provides exposure to equities and fixed-income securities and access to asset classes not easily available to individuals.

In the Fidelity Global Concentrated Equity, portfolio manager Patrice Quirion is putting together a concentrated portfolio of his preferred securities. With these two new funds, Fidelity now has seven funds available through iA Financial Group.

Indexia funds
iA Financial Group is also launching the Indexia funds, a new family of five low-cost global index portfolios. These funds are comprised of recognized stock indexes and are for all types of investors: prudent, moderate, balanced, growth and aggressive.

The new Indexia funds offer a management expense ratio of 1.95% (in Classic Series 75/75) and passive management with monthly rebalancing.

“These funds are additional solutions put forth by iA Financial Group to meet the needs of advisors and their clients in reaching the latter’s savings objectives”, says Manon Gauthier.

A total of nine new global funds are immediately available for investment in the IAG Savings and Retirement Program Classic Series 75/75 and 75/100 (including the Prestige series, which offer preferential pricing to investors who have a significant volume of assets).