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iA Financial Group Announces the Issuance of a Redemption Notice to Holders of 4.75% Subordinated Debentures due December 14, 2021


News Release

Further to the approval of the Autorité des marchés financiers (Québec), Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (“iA Financial Group”) announces that it has sent today to all registered holders of its 4.75% Subordinated Debentures due December 14, 2021 (the “Debentures”) a formal notice and instructions for the redemption of the Debentures. iA Financial Group will redeem the Debentures, as of December 14, 2016, upon payment of a redemption amount of $1,023.75 for each $1,000 principal amount of Debentures, being equal to the aggregate of (i) $1,000 and (ii) all accrued and unpaid interest (the “Redemption Price”). The Redemption Price will be payable upon presentation and surrender of the Debentures called for redemption at Computershare Trust Company of Canada.

About iA Financial Group
Founded in 1892, iA Financial Group offers life and health insurance products, mutual and segregated funds, savings and retirement plans, RRSPs, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgages and car loans and other financial products and services for both individuals and groups. It is one of the four largest life and health insurance companies in Canada and one of the largest publicly traded companies in the country. iA Financial Group stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG.

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