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iA Financial Group Publishes its 2014 Social Responsibility Report

Quebec City,

News Release

iA Financial Group is pleased to announce that it has published the 2014 edition of its Social Responsibility Report. This report presents the company’s main achievements with respect to its clients, its employees, the community and the environment. The iA Financial Group Social Responsibility Report was previously included in the company’s Annual Report. However, it is now being published as a separate publication given the volume of information to be shared with the company’s various stakeholders.

As Yvon Charest, president and CEO of iA Financial Group, points out, “At iA Financial Group, no matter which area of sustainable development we’re talking about, our goal is to put our values into action on a day‐to‐day basis through engagement. Just as these values guide us in our business objectives, they also motivate our approach to contributing to the economy, supporting communities and protecting the environment.”

The iA Financial Group vision of sustainable development is based on the following six ideals:
  • Ensuring the financial wellbeing of our clients
  • Actively contributing to communities
  • Soundly managing our investments
  • Creating a rewarding work environment
  • Effectively managing risks
  • Following high standards of governance

Highlights of the report include:
  • iA Financial Group received several awards and distinctions for its contributions to communities and the environment, including the Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award – Business Leader (Quebec) category, which recognizes the outstanding contribution of our company in the community
  • In 2014, iA Financial Group, deeply committed to the community, donated more than $3.7 million to several hundred organizations
  • In 2014, iA Financial Group invested $350 million in renewable energy initiatives

Read the Social Responsability Report

About iA Financial Group 
iA Financial Group is a business name and trademark under which Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. operates in Canada and the United States. This new trademark will also be used to refer to all companies under the Industrial Alliance banner, including Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. and its subsidiaries. Founded in 1892, iA Financial Group offers life and health insurance products, savings and retirement plans, RRSPs, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgages and car loans, and other products and services for both individuals and groups. It is among the four largest life and health insurance companies and one of the largest publicly traded companies in Canada. iA Financial Group stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG.


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