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Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance is a 2014 Fidéides finalist

Quebec City,

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Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance is honored to be a finalist in the category "Business and social commitment" for the 2014 Fidéides Award organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Quebec. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 13 at the Gala entrepreneurs in the Quebec Congress Center; two other companies are also finalists in this category.

Industrial Alliance has won this nomination thanks to its auto insurance program called Mobiliz, a program that aims to solve the problem of speeding among young drivers by educating them and rewarding them for a more responsible driving behaviour. (The young drivers are overrepresented in road accidents. In Quebec, drivers aged between 16 to 24 years represent 10% of drivers with a license, but they make 25% of accidents with bodily injuries). To do so, Mobiliz relies on telematics device, a technology similar to a GPS system, to record the driving behaviour such as speeding, forced acceleration and sharp braking. The driving behaviours are represented in real time: location and time of the day when these behaviours occur are clearly identified. The premium for those insured by Mobiliz is based on driving behaviour rather than on an age group or previous claims.

Jean Lapointe and France Lessard, both vice-presidents for Mobiliz program are very proud to be finalist for this Fidéides: "In 2013, at approximately the same time of the year, we won the Celent Model Insurer Award, an international prize awarded in Boston. We are now very happy that the impact of Mobiliz is recognized in our own community, given that this innovative concept was created in Quebec area. We always like to remind that Industrial Alliance was the first insurer to use telematics technology in Canada to create Mobiliz program."

About Industrial Alliance

Founded in 1892, Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. is a life and health insurance company with operations in all regions of Canada as well as in the United States. The Company offers a wide range of life and health insurance products, savings and retirement plans, RRSPs, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgage loans and other financial products and services for both individuals and groups. The fourth largest life and health insurance company in Canada, Industrial Alliance contributes to the financial wellbeing of over three million Canadians and employs more than 4,400 people. Following the acquisition of Jovian Capital Corporation on October 1, 2013, the company’s assets under management and administration have now reached approximately $95 billion. Industrial Alliance stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG.

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