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Industrial Alliance to Partner in the Presentation of Pinocchio, an all new Multisciplinary Show

Quebec City,

News Release

Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. is pleased to once again partner with host and producer Alain Goldberg, a well-known personality in the figure skating world, in the presentation of an all new show entitled Pinocchio, which will be presented next December 27 at the Quebec City Pepsi Coliseum. This multidisciplinary event, which is being offered at an affordable price, combines circus acts, theatre, dance and figure skating in a show designed for the whole family.

"Pinocchio is mischievous and playful as are many children. His extraordinary adventures are filled with a number of surprises. Just like Pinocchio, who can count on Gepetto, his attentive and devoted father, people can count on Industrial Alliance to provide them with help and support throughout all of life’s events," stated Jean Routhier, Director of Communications at Industrial Alliance.

Industrial Alliance has always sought to be involved in creative initiatives, such as this new presentation of Pinocchio, which have helped qualify Quebec City as a lively and animated region. Through its involvement, the Company is also paying tribute to the immense talent of 60 local artists who are performing in the show. Industrial Alliance equally wishes to salute the producer who, through his continued dynamism over the years, has introduced the public to several modern productions of outstanding quality. 

About Industrial Alliance
Industrial Alliance is a life and health insurance company that offers a full line of insurance products and financial services. Created in 1892, Industrial Alliance is now the parent company of a large financial group – the Industrial Alliance Group – which has operations throughout Canada. The sixth largest life and health insurance company in Canada, the Industrial Alliance Group insures over 1.5 million Canadians, employs more than 2,100 people, and manages and administers $18.6 billion in assets. Industrial Alliance stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG.

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