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Industrial Alliance Honours the Memory of a Great Montrealer, Jean Drapeau


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Yvon Charest, President and Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services attended a ceremony today to honour the memory of a great Montrealer, Jean Drapeau.

As part of this ceremony, organized in celebration of the 359th anniversary of the City of Montreal, Industrial Alliance offered an eight-foot bronze statue of Jean Drapeau, which was unveiled at Place de La Dauversière, across from City Hall.

"After having served the citizens of Montreal for 29 years, it was normal for history to recognize his contribution. May this statue remind all future generations of the exceptional man that was Jean Drapeau," stated Yvon Charest, in a speech he gave during the unveiling ceremony. "Through this donation, Industrial Alliance wanted to clearly underline the rich heritage left by Mr. Drapeau."

Commissioned by Raymond Garneau, the current Chairman of Industrial Alliance´s Board of Directors, the statue of Jean Drapeau is the work of Montreal artist Annick Bourgeau. Ms. Bourgeau is also the artist who created the bust of Raoul Dandurand – an eminent Canadian senator and diplomat – situated at the Carrefour L’Industrielle-Alliance, in Montreal, and the statue of Jean Lesage – the father of the Quiet Revolution in Quebec – erected in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City.

According to Mr. Charest, Jean Drapeau is one of those great personalities who, through their work, their vision and their desired to serve, stood out in their era and changed the course of history.

"Mr. Drapeau´s term in office as Mayor of Montreal revealed a man of ideas, a builder and, most of all, an entrepreneur who had the capacity to rally around his projects the people capable of bringing them to fruition. But more than anything, what people will remember the most about Jean Drapeau was his unlimited attachment to this city that he loved so much! He devoted his life to it," concluded Yvon Charest.

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The speech given by Mr. Charest as part of the unveiling of the statue of Jean Drapeau is available on our web site at

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