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Reinvestment Rates for Residential Mortgages

If you choose to pay off your mortgage before the end of your term, you must pay a prepayment charge. Reinvestment rates can help you to estimate the amount that you will owe.

Rates are fixed daily based on the previous day’s market closing rate and are thus subject to change.

Today’s rates

For more information, please refer to your mortgage documents or contact customer service.

Term Value
12 months 1.04 %
2 yrs 1.08 %
3 yrs 1.13 %
4 yrs 1.21 %
5 yrs 1.28 %

Fee schedule

The following table outlines various mortgage fees. The amounts provided are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

Fee schedule – Residential Mortgages (1 to 4 units)

Fee table Amount
Renewal $0
Reprint of an annual statement $25
Reprint of an amortization schedule $25
Except Alberta and British Colombia: no charge
Information Statement 25 $
Except Alberta and British Colombia: no charge
Mortgage loan modification
(modification of payment frequency, modification of payment date,
modification of remaining amortization period)
Delay a payment $50
Returned payment
(NSF payment, payment capitalization)
Execution of documents $75
Account history 100 $
Except Alberta and British Colombia: no charge
Receipt of a statutory notice
(utility arrears, unpaid condominium fees, payment of tax arrears)
250 $
File analysis fee
(release of security, release of guarantor, modification of amortization period)
Assumation $250
Except Alberta: no charge
New advance
(Province of Quebec)
File closing administration fee $250
Except Alberta: no charge
British Columbia: $75
Manitoba: $187
Administration fee for legal proceedings $250
Obtaining proof of tax payments (varies by municipality) $50 + cost according to municipality