Isabelle Paquet’s iA story

Changing jobs without changing employers

When Isabelle came to work with us in 2008, she already had years of valuable experience with other employers under her belt. Her career path thus far had provided her with variety and new challenges, which she valued. The possibilities we offer were right up the alley for this seasoned advisor who is constantly looking for the next challenge. “iA’s big advantage is its willingness to let us develop through different roles and responsibilities. It’s easy to see that it’s possible to change jobs without changing employers, which is professionally very stimulating.”

Each project makes a difference

No matter the nature of the project she takes on, Isabelle understands its importance and the opportunity it represents. “Each project, even if it may appear insignificant at the onset, is a springboard to accomplish much more.” The projects that she works on with her colleagues involve a variety of clienteles and touch upon a number of fields, such as donations and sponsorships, communication consultancy and event organization.

New challenges at every turn

The company’s scope as well as its client diversity provides an exciting playground for Isabelle and her team. “Our major challenge is to maintain message uniformity throughout all communications so that people recognize iA as one single company that serves a varied clientele.”

On the same wavelength

The communications team has professionals with around 15 different professional profiles. Each new project recharges the work dynamic, which drives the team to surpass client expectations. “By drawing upon individual strengths, our collective work improves exponentially. Everyone works together on the team, allowing us to benefit from the experience of our colleagues.”

“iA’s big advantage is its willingness to let us develop through different roles and responsibilities.”