Sharon Walsh’s iA story

Professional development: a priority

Sharon came to work for us in 2006 as a product promotion advisor. Three years later, she took part in our professional development program where participants are divided into groups of associates who work together for the duration of the three-year program. They are all invited to participate actively in training sessions and workshops, which cultivates a climate of trust and respect in which everyone learns from the respective experiences of the group. “As a result of this program, I gained certainty and confidence in my abilities. I was promoted to the role of coordinator while was still in the program, so that meant that I could put the theory I learned in the program into practice at work.”

Stepping out of her comfort zone to get ahead

Following her involvement in a Lean project targeting production and process improvement, Sharon accepted our offer to try out a managerial role in a different field. “I learned a lot from this experience. They took me out of what I knew and placed me in a context of pure management.” Sharon received support from managers and organizational development teams as she developed her leadership and management skills. This experience allowed her to become aware of just what it means to be a manager in our company and to improve her knowledge of our processes.

Going back to the beginning

The management skills that Sharon has acquired since 2012 have made her a better manager of the advertising and promotion team. “I think that it is vital to try different things because it leads us to learn about ourselves, to understand ourselves better, and to pinpoint our strengths and what we must work on. We become better managers.”

One job, many hats

Our managers also act as coaches and leaders. They ensure that their team successfully obtains business objectives in line with the company’s strategic plan. They are also concerned with the professional development of their resources and endeavour to provide positive coaching and support, all the while promoting an effective, yet pleasant workplace. “I like to use the tools available to us so as to identify the strengths of my team and the talents of each of our team members.”

“As a manager, I have to make sure that the directions that iA takes are well-received by my team and that they believe in them.”