Jacques-Olivier Patry’s iA story

Combining security with performance

For the first three years that Jacques-Olivier was with the information technology (IT) team, he worked as a consultant. “I really liked working with the gang from iA, so I decided to make the jump and accepted a permanent position as a security analyst.” His expertise is always put to good use because he is responsible for ensuring smooth IT functionality in addition to the security of client and corporate information in IT infrastructures.

Working relationships based on trust

At iA, Jacques-Olivier discovered Lean project management, an approach that promotes team autonomy and involves employees in decision-making and problem solving. “Lean is different from traditional management models. In my opinion, it is a way for managers to show us that they have confidence in us and our abilities, which is extremely motivating.”

Personalized professional guidance

When Jacques-Olivier expressed his desire to advance his career, we sat down together and designed a professional development plan. We helped him to identify his strengths and his interests, and then assigned him to projects that would help him reach his goals. “I wanted to develop my skill set towards security architecture. Along the way, the process revealed hidden talents that I didn’t even realize I had and confirmed my professional ambitions.”

Trying new things

On more than once occasion, Jacques-Olivier has taken part in international recruitment missions targeting new employees in information technology. As an expert in his field, he evaluated the skills of potential candidates in line with the technological requirements of the jobs to fill. “It is extremely rewarding for an employee who is neither in management nor human resources to participate in the recruitment process. It shows that the company recognizes and values our abilities.”

“It was the first time as a consultant that I had ever worked for one client over such an extended period of time and I didn’t want to leave. I really felt that I belonged there.”