Dominique Gagné-Belley’s iA story

Multiple development opportunities

Dominique’s education and her experience in workplace health field led her to join our Toronto-based group insurance team in 2011. She very quickly made the jump to the continuous improvement team and has since transferred to the Quebec City office. “I’m very lucky because iA has supported me all the way. I got a job in the city where I was moving.”

At the heart of our ambition

The mission of the continuous improvement team is to fuel our ambition, which is to be the company that best meets its clients’ needs and expectations. To do this, the team provides guidance and support to managers and their teams so that they may optimize their business practices and offer the best service possible to their clients.

For Dominique, her day-to-day is all about wearing many different hats. “I am called upon to play an advisory role and to support teams, to host workshops, to teach concepts, to help develop a better understanding of lean tools and to coach project teams while they implement solutions.”

Professional development is a priority

Dominique has had the opportunity to pursue her professional development goals thanks to access to numerous training sessions and coaching. Consequently, she has enhanced her proficiency in a variety of areas, including change management and presentation skills. “We are extremely well supported and equipped to expand both our theoretical and practical knowledge, which ultimately allows us to develop our expertise and interpersonal skills.”

Continuous improvement at the heart of the team as well

The continuous improvement team is extremely dynamic because its mission constantly changes and adapts as the company moves towards a lean culture. This leads to much discussion, exchange and peer support within the team. “We have a lot of autonomy and must show initiative because new tools are always in demand.”

“My role is to mobilize teams and support them in the achievement of their goals while empowering them on the ground.”