Raphaël Roy-Brunelle’s iA story

An unusual career path

After studying in kinesiology, Raphaël worked in various health and fitness centres. When one of his friends told him about her job as an underwriter, he decided to make the change. “My old job gave me the chance to work in health, but only related to physical fitness. I wanted to put my knowledge to greater use.”

Combining passion with a thirst for discovery

Raphaël has been with iA for six years. When he started, he was processing applications for clients who wanted life insurance, analyzing them in detail to determine the type of underwriting we could offer. “Every case is different. You have to read the person’s medical history and anticipate what’s to come, which is very interesting—especially if you’re passionate about health and medicine.” Raphaël still works in the same department, but now at the development stage. He participates in projects related to managing medical risks for life insurance, improving processes and re-thinking how things are done. He is still excited by the many ways his knowledge in health can be put to use. “This is a great field with lots of opportunities. There are many ways for me to advance my career.”

Professional development

“What’s good about the underwriting department is that it’s very open to professional development.” Since starting with iA, Raphaël has been dedicated to his continued training in insurance and health. “Development courses are provided by underwriters and physicians from insurance companies, so it’s very specific to what we do. It’s really a well-rounded field—and I love it!” We encourage employees who are specialists in health fields to acquire the insurance and financial services training needed for their job by covering the cost of courses in our program and giving them time off to study.

Personal and professional growth

“Growth is important to me and I can tell it’s a priority for the company, too.” Raphaël has the opportunity to organize various conferences and training activities as a director with the Quebec life underwriters’ association. iA also gives him the chance to continue his education by taking university courses. In addition, Raphaël shares his ideas and research in the field of underwriting in On The Risk magazine, which is published across North America.

“Growth is important to me and I can tell it’s a priority for the company, too.”