Philippe Cleary’s iA story

First steps in the professional world

After graduating from university in actuarial studies, Philippe started at our company as an actuarial analyst for life insurance product pricing. “The environment here constantly promotes teamwork and knowledge sharing. I was fortunate to be surrounded by managers and senior colleagues who mentored me, and I was quickly called upon to work on strategic projects.”

Wide variety of concrete, strategically important projects

Soon after arriving, Philippe was able to apply what he had learned and develop his abilities on a variety of projects. For example, he was involved in the negotiation of reinsurance agreements. He also collaborated with the marketing team in the redesign and pricing of life insurance products. And in the spirit of continuous improvement, he analyzed the underwriting process together with the risk selection team.

“At iA Financial Group, teamwork is key. Projects are typically done together with other business lines, providing a good overview of what’s going on at the company. It also ensures that the proposed solution meets the needs of the various stakeholders: clients, partners, distributors and shareholders.

As well, projects are always very concrete from beginning to end. Through Lean management, the flow of work through the teams is always visible and the results are shared with everyone. This is a source of pride and provides a stimulating environment for being invested in future projects.”

Personal and professional development: a priority

Philippe studied and worked full time while preparing to write his Society of Actuaries exams. “iA’s education assistance program is fantastic because it allows for paid time off.”

He also participates in one of our professional development programs. “It’s important for me to keep improving. Since iA Financial Group invests in our development and encourages us in this sense, I am able to attend lots of training sessions and workshops. Mobility across various business lines is encouraged. Actuarial career opportunities are practically limitless. I would know: after three years in product pricing, I transitioned to a different role. Now I work in corporate actuarial and my role consists mainly in analyzing the results of the different business lines. This gives me a fresh perspective on the company’s business and lets me keep on learning and taking on new challenges.”

“iA’s education assistance program is fantastic because it allows for paid time off.”