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They chose iA Financial Group and here’s why.

You’ll like this job if:

  • You are infinitely curious
  • You want to predict the future
  • You like working with people who are as skilled as you are
  • You prefer stochastic models to Instagram models
  • For you, a “reserve” is a national park
  • You think that IFRS 17 is the new space mission
  • “Excel” makes you think of gum
  • New challenges negatively impact your motivation

Nothing beats coworker testimonials

Practice Leader

Since joining iA Financial Group, I have had the opportunity to hold four very different positions within the company, despite my very specific academic background: Actuarial Science. This has enabled me to establish an extensive knowledge base and work with a wide variety of people with different profiles, which is not always possible in some companies.

At iA, an employee’s desire for mobility is very well received and encouraged! My last position with the Life Insurance Actuarial Services team allowed me to discover a wealth of resources and experiences from which I rapidly gleaned a wealth of knowledge. My current position has allowed me to make iA’s actuarial expertise shine across Canada.

In short, iA is the perfect company for those who want to surpass their professional limits while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle!

Marianne Barnabé

Actuarial Advisor

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When I completed my actuarial studies, I wanted to join a company that would allow me to develop professionally to become a “good actuary,” and that is exactly what I found at iA Financial Group.

As soon as I joined the company, I was given all the tools I needed to become a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries in addition to being in a stimulating environment where you learn every day.

This allowed me to progress rapidly and to acquire a broad skill set early in my career.

Over the years, mobility, which is strongly encouraged, has enabled me to have access to various challenges. In a few years, I was able to hone my expertise in several areas of actuarial practice, including product pricing, regulatory capital and corporate finance. I now have the opportunity to work in a management position.

In addition, we have the opportunity of collaborating with a variety of teams (Accounting, Investment, Legal, etc.), all equally professional, and this allows us to acquire cross-functional knowledge.

iA also provides a very pleasant work environment that we truly enjoy. This is a company that ensures the wellbeing of its employees by continuously improving their working conditions. Flexible work hours and the host of employee benefits are a must for me.

In a word, at iA, I found a work environment worthy of my ambitions (and even more!).

Jonathan Hélie

Actuarial Advisor

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President and Chief Executive Officer

My actuarial studies were a key factor in shaping my career path at iA Financial Group. When I first joined the company, I had no idea that I would one day become the President and CEO, but I knew that my skills would be in demand.

Over time, I was able to apply my actuarial expertise to various functions within the company. I worked in product development, underwriting and marketing (among others!), and found that my actuarial training gave me a unique perspective in these areas. I have also made a point of continually learning and expanding my skills, which has helped me move up in the company.

As President and CEO, I am now proud to lead a team of talented and dedicated executives. I believe that, just as my actuarial education helped me advance my career, the company's current actuaries have the potential to become its future leaders.

If you are reading this, I strongly encourage you to consider pursuing a career at iA. With a staff of over 9,000, operating in Canada and the United States, your opportunities for career development will be immense. And I wish you a career as rich and full as mine!

Denis Ricard