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Alain Bergeron, Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer, iA Investment Management

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The strength of our team

I love numbers, so I’ve always wanted to work in finance in a quantitative and programming environment. With the investment risk monitoring team at iA Investment Management, I’m able to fulfill my passion. As soon as I was hired in 2017, I was involved in challenging projects where I could put into practice all the quantitative knowledge I had acquired during my masters in Financial Engineering. I also had the opportunity to be surrounded by experts from many different backgrounds who contributed to my learning and continuous improvement on a daily basis.

At iA Investment Management, the rewarding work environment and teamwork encourage us to constantly challenge ourselves, take initiative, and contribute to decision-making for mandates that have a significant impact on the company's investments. I’m very proud to be part of the investment risk monitoring team. I’m very proud to be part of the iAIM family!

Meryem Azzaoui

Analyst, Investment Risk Monitoring

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The fast-paced market

As a person who is passionate about finance and always trying to improve, iA Investment Management is, no contest, the perfect place for me. Every day I have the opportunity to work with many different finance professionals, who are all just as dedicated as me. The transition from finishing my education to starting my career went very smoothly. As soon as I arrived, they gave me interesting and challenging responsibilities, and trusted me to make improvements to existing tools using my programming skills. As part of the negotiation team, I love being able to experience the action of the markets through my job. I feel very fortunate to be in daily contact with portfolio managers.

Specifically within the context of teleworking, I appreciate everything iA Investment Management has done to ensure that I have the equipment I need so that I’m able to work just as effectively at home as I do at the office.

Francis Desrochers

Financial Analyst, Trading Desk

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The ambition of visionnaries

I’ve been passionate about investing since I was very young – as soon as I graduated from university, I knew what my goal was: to become a top-tier investor. My passion led me to incredible opportunities and experiences with the best investment practises in the world. Soon, I was able to manage multi-billion-dollar portfolios and a second passion started to develop – building high-profile, future-oriented investment teams.

What attracted me to iA Investment Management was the opportunity to do what I love, in a true culture of teamwork, which is not easy to find among the big investment firms. When they offered me the CIO position, I knew that I was coming to an important national portfolio management firm, within a strong financial group, with a team with many goals and ambitions.

Here, we have diverse mandates and experienced mentors. There is an interesting range of tasks – we manage portfolios for our clients, but also important portfolios for the company itself, and all asset classes are included, including private assets and derivatives. We’re currently working on implementing a comprehensive strategy, supported by fundamental investing expertise as well as quantitative expertise and advanced data analysis.

Alain Bergeron

Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer, iA Investment Management

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You’ll love this job if…

  • Having several screens is a must
  • Your favourite TV show is Billions
  • Every morning, you take vitamins TSX, NYSE and S&P 500
  • Your friends describe you as a team player

You won’t like this job if…

  • You think Bloomberg is a town
  • Creating macros in Excel gives you hives
  • When you hear Python, you think of a reptile
  • Market corrections make you see red
  • Just thinking about algorithms makes you dizzy