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Alain Bergeron,
President and CIO, iA Global Asset Management

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Development-focus culture

While I was doing my Masters in Financial Economics at the UofT, I found a perfect fit for my passion at iAGAM.

As an intern, I was entrusted with significant responsibilities, from designing sophisticated internal data infrastructure to developing robust investment signal research. These projects not only had a direct impact on our portfolios but also immensely contributed to our team's quantitative investment initiatives. At iAGAM, I dove into the retail funds universe and I had the opportunity to share my market views and strategies, which is a rewarding feeling for junior employees.

After finishing school and transitioning into a full-time analyst role, I continued to contribute to various aspects of the portfolio construction process. What truly impressed me is the opportunity to be directly involved in portfolio trading, as it seamlessly connects the theoretical knowledge I had gained from many academic research papers to the actual practice of real-world asset management.

Reflecting on my journey, I'm delighted that I chose to join iAGAM. The immense growth opportunities, the chance to involve myself in many aspects of portfolio management, and the hands-on experience are helping to shape me as a well-rounded professional.

Jingkai Xu

Analyst, Asset Allocation

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The strength of our team

I love numbers, so I’ve always wanted to work in finance in a quantitative and programming environment. With the investment risk monitoring team at iA Global Asset Management, I’m able to fulfill my passion. As soon as I was hired in 2017, I was involved in challenging projects where I could put into practice all the quantitative knowledge I had acquired during my masters in Financial Engineering. I also had the opportunity to be surrounded by experts from many different backgrounds who contributed to my learning and continuous improvement on a daily basis.

The rewarding work environment and teamwork encourage us to constantly challenge ourselves, take initiative, and contribute to decision-making for mandates that have a significant impact on the company's investments. I’m very proud to be part of the investment risk monitoring team. I’m very proud to be part of the iAGAM family!

Meryem Azzaoui

Associate Director, Investment Risk

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The fast-paced market

As a person who is passionate about finance and always trying to improve, iA Global Asset Management is, no contest, the ideal place for me. I have the opportunity to work with many different finance professionals, who are all just as dedicated as me. The transition from finishing my education to starting my career went very smoothly.

As soon as I arrived, I was given interesting and challenging responsibilities, and I was trusted to make improvements to existing tools using my programming skills. I love being able to experience the action of the markets through my job so, to join the trading desk was perfect for me.

The fixed income and derivatives market, with its over-the-counter trading and relative value dynamics, is fascinating. My desire to learn and my curiosity are fulfilled every day, thanks to the culture of collaboration and the experienced mentors in place.

I also appreciate iAGAM’s work-from-anywhere policy, which gives me great flexibility inworking wherever I m the most efficient.

Francis Desrochers

Senior Analyst, Trading

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You’ll love this job if…

  • Your favourite TV show is Billions
  • Every morning, you take vitamins TSX, NYSE and S&P 500
  • Your friends describe you as a team player
  • Your code-writing is better than your handwriting

You won’t like this job if…

  • You think Bloomberg is a town
  • Creating macros in Excel gives you hives
  • When you hear Python, you think of a reptile
  • Market corrections make you see red