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Fee Schedule

The following table outlines various mortgage fees. The amounts provided are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

Fee schedule – Residential Mortgages (1 to 4 units)

Renewal $0
Reprint of an annual statement


Reprint of an amortization schedule

Except Alberta and British Colombia: no charge

Information Statement

Except Alberta and British Colombia: no charge

Mortgage loan modification
(modification of payment frequency, modification of payment date, modification of remaining amortization period)


Delay a payment


Returned payment
(NSF payment, payment capitalization)


Execution of documents $75
Account history

Except Alberta and British Colombia: no charge

Receipt of a statutory notice
(utility arrears, unpaid condominium fees, payment of tax arrears)
File analysis fee
(release of security, release of guarantor, modification of amortization period)



Except Alberta: no charge

New advance
(Province of Quebec)
File closing administration fee $250
Except Alberta: no charge
British Columbia: $75
Manitoba: $187
Administration fee for legal proceedings $250
Obtaining proof of tax payments (varies by municipality) $50 + cost according to municipality