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Civil liability coverage is mandatory and is included in all car insurance policies.

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The Automobile Insurance Act requires that the owner of any new or used vehicle driven in Quebec have at least $50,000 in civil liability coverage. However, iA Auto and Home recommends getting at least $1,000,000 in coverage.

Civil liability coverage protects you against:

  • Damage to your vehicle caused by a collision in Quebec for which you are not at fault
  • Property or bodily damage caused by an accident outside Quebec for which you are at fault
  • Damage to someone else’s property for which you are at fault

Mandatory civil liability coverage is also called Chapter A.

Some examples:

  • Driving abroad
    While on a family vacation in Miami, you lose control of your vehicle, hit a pedestrian and finally come to a stop in someone’s yard. The pedestrian sues you for his injuries and the homeowner sues you for the damage to her fence.
  • Winter driving
    You accidentally hit a guardrail after sliding on a patch of black ice and the City bills you to have it replaced.
  • Fire service charges
    Your car catches fire while you’re driving on the highway and firefighters come put it out. You get a bill from the fire department.
  • Collisions  (with other vehicles) You’re stopped at a red light behind a car. Another vehicle driving up from behind can’t stop in time and rear-ends you, causing you to collide with the vehicle in front.

Civil liability coverage is mandatory and is included in all car insurance policies.

Choice of coverage amount

Make sure your civil liability coverage amount is enough to cover potential damages. You want to minimize the likelihood that you’ll have to pay if you end up being sued.

If you drive outside Quebec (in the rest of Canada or in the United States), make sure your car insurance policy provides adequate coverage. Lawsuits are more common and can be quite costly in the U.S. iA Auto and Home recommends $2 million in coverage for people who drive in the U.S.

Increasing the civil liability coverage amount may be less expensive than you think. Consult an agent to determine the right amount for you.

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