All perils except collision and upset

Optional coverage that may be required if your vehicle is financed (by your financial institution) or leased (by your lessor).

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This car insurance coverage protects you against losses and damage to your vehicle (except risks under Collision and upset coverage). For example:

  • Glass breakage
  • Fire, theft, vandalism
  • Weather-related damage (due to wind, lightning, hail, etc.)
  • Falling or airborne objects

Some examples:

  • You’re driving leisurely on a country road one fine day when a tractor sends a rock flying into your windshield, cracking it.
  • You go to the theatre to see a play and find a free parking space in the street nearby. When you get back, there’s graffiti on the car’s hood.
  • A violent thunderstorm sweeps through a region of Quebec, damaging many vehicles including your own.

Any damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft or vandalism is covered by the All perils except collision and upset option. For damage caused to your vehicle in certain types of collisions, rollovers and hit-and-runs, coverage is provided by the Collision and upset option.

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Our auto insurance is available only to Quebec residents.

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