Non-Registered Savings Plan

Non-Registered Savings Plans

A non-registered savings plan is for you if you have reached your RRSP and TFSA contribution limits and would like to continue to save for a project or for your retirement. You will enjoy a higher rate of return than with your bank account and have the opportunity to put money into investment funds. A financial advisor can explain all of the investment opportunities at your disposal.

Characteristics and advantages of a non-registered savings plan:

  • You grow your investments to fund your projects. 
  • You may contribute through pre-authorized payments.
  • You may withdraw funds whenever you want. 

Why choose a non-registered savings plan with us?

Our IAG Savings and Retirement Plan allows you to invest wisely in your non-registered savings plan. It is designed for all types of investors, from those who like to play it safe to those who like to take risks. Furthermore, it offers you the choice of the following investment funds:

  • Segregated funds 
  • Guaranteed interest funds 
  • Daily interest funds 
  • Mutual funds

Thanks to our segregated funds, we offer exceptional investment protection if the markets go down.

You can also invest your non-registered savings plan in securities.

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Compare different savings plans to find the one that is right for you

Eligibility age Age limit to contribute Contribution ceiling Tax-deductible contributions Tax-sheltered accumulation Tax payable upon withdrawal or at the end of the year Unused contributions can be carried forward
RRSP 18 71
TFSA 18 None
Non registered savings plan 18 90 Does not apply