Open an RESP online

Use the calculator to estimate the amount you will accumulate for your child’s education.

What product is available online?

In addition to government grants and benefits provided by an RESP, My Education+ offers unparalleled flexibility and multiple possibilities.

  • Contribute as much as you want, as often as you want
  • Take advantage of a high-interest account that protects 100% of your savings
  • Have access to the money you have invested in case of the unexpected
  • Benefit from increased flexibility of options available to you should your child not go on to post-secondary education

Who can open an RESP online?

  • If you are the child's mother or father and you or your spouse are the custodial parent and the responsible parent of the child
  • You wish to open an RESP for one child or more
  • Your child is 18 or under

How can I open an RESP online?

Steps to be completed on our secure website:

  1. Enter your personal information
  2. Enter your child’s personal information
  3. Determine the amount and select the method of payment

Steps to be completed
by mail:

  1. Receive your application by mail
  2. Sign the application and return it to us by mail to conclude the transaction
  3. Receive your final contract by mail

Everything you'll need
to open an RESP

To obtain government grants, please have your and your child’s social insurance numbers (SIN) on hand.

Before we begin

First name
Date of birth

Please contact an advisor

You must meet the following conditions in order to purchase an RESP online:

  • You are the child’s mother or father
  • You or your spouse are the custodial parent and the responsible parent
  • Your child is 17 or under

As a result, we invite you to contact a financial security advisor, who will be pleased to propose a solution that is adapted to your needs.

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Open an RESP online

About you

Your date of birth
The SIN is required to obtain government grants.

Spouse’s date of birth
The SIN is required to obtain government grants.

Open an RESP online

Proof of residency

If you are a resident of British Columbia, the following documents are accepted as proof of residency:

  • A valid British Columbia driver's licence
  • A government-issued British Columbia identification card
  • A British Columbia Services Card
  • A British Columbia utility bill (which must be dated within the last three months and include the current address of the custodial parent of the child)

Please attach a copy of one of the documents listed above.

Open an RESP online


's date of birth
The SIN is required to obtain government grants.


Saskatchewan Resident Since

Open an RESP online

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Your child’s first name

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It's up to you whether or not you enter your banking information in this section. If you prefer, you can include a void cheque when you send your documents back to us in the post.


If an advisor has given you his code, you can enter it here.

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