Boost your group RRSP!

It's never the wrong moment


Prizes to be won

Up to $3,000

by making a lump-sum contribution or transfer from another financial institution


by doubling your regular contribution

Entering the contest

From January 1 to March 1, 2019, you will automatically be entered in the contest if you contribute to your Group RRSP in one of the following three ways. If you prefer, you can enter the contest by making a contribution to your Group TFSA with iA Financial Group, if you have one, under the same conditions.


Make a lump-sum contribution or a transfer from another financial institution.

For a lump-sum contribution

Access My Client Space and select the Group Savings and Retirement dashboard. Click on Contribute Now for the full details.

You can also speak with a Customer Service representative at 1-800-567-5670.

To make a transfer from another financial institution

Contact Customer Service at 1-800-567-5670.

Increase your contributions

Double your regular contributions.*

To increase your employee contribution rate or amount, please contact your Human Resources Department.

If you contribute via pre-authorized debit and you want to increase the amount, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-567-5670.

* If your plan allows it. Other restrictions may apply.

Did you know our management fees are lower?

Your investments in your group plan with iA Financial Group could help you save up to 20% more over 15 years because our management fees are generally lower than those of other financial institutions.

20% more in retirement savings, count me in!

Scenario 1 - $2,000 investment

Financial institutions: $2,897


Group plan: $3,474


Scenario 2 - $5,000 investment

Financial institutions: $7,241


Group plan: $8,685

  • Lump-sum contribution
  • Return

$2,000 or $5,000 lump-sum contribution; 5% gross annual return rate; average management fees for an individual plan and group plan.

The above amounts are for information purposes only. You can find the actual management fees for your group retirement plan in your My Client Space.

Are you contributing enough to achieve your retirement goals?

Using our calculator, you can figure out:

  • The cost per pay to increase your regular contributions
  • The value of your lump-sum contribution at retirement
  • The total amount you will earn in compound interest

What is compound interest?

The interest generated by your investments, at maturity, progressively increases the value of your capital and in turn generates more interest. That means your money is working for you!

RRSP Calculator

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You will have saved In your RRSP when you retire

  • Contribution amount
  • Compound Interest:

  • Return on contribution
  • Return on return

This result is for information purposes only and is calculated based on the information you have provided and one certain assumptions.

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