Unit values and returns will fluctuate, and past or simulated returns are not a guarantee of future returns on the funds. Important information is provided in the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan investment fund information folder. We recommend that you read this information carefully before investing. You may obtain a copy of the folder from your advisor or by downloading it here.

Note that certain funds or series may no longer be available for new deposits or transfers.

* Simulation of past returns as if the funds had been in effect for these periods.

1Unit Value: The unit value on the date shown. The unit values are presented net of management fees and are calculated daily.
2 Variation (%) Year to Date: The fund's non-annualized performance, net of management fees, since the beginning of the current year.
3 Net Return as at December 31: The return obtained by the fund for the calendar year indicated (January 1 to December 31), after deduction of management and administration fees.
4 Net Returns – 6 months: The returns for the period are non-annualized.
   Net Returns – 1, 3, 5, and 10 Years: Annual compound returns for the period ending on the date indicated.
5 Not offered in registered contracts and TFSAs.