Critical Illness Insurance

For coverage that is easy to plan

Provides flexible comprehensive critical illness coverage to meet your specific needs.

The Transition Index lets you see your needs in terms of critical illness insurance based on your situation.

Transition insurance:

  • Covers you for a term of 10, 20 or 25 years, to age 75 or for life
  • Covers 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses
  • The possibility of a return of premiums at death
  • Access to cash as early as the fifth year for coverages to age 75 or for life
  • Unlimited access to MediGuide's Medical Second Opinion.

Quick and affordable

Provides quick and affordable coverage you can count on.

Transition – 4 illnesses:

  • Covers the four most frequent illnesses: cancer, cerebrovascular accident, heart attack and bypass surgery, as well as 5 juvenile illnesses
  • More affordable than the 25-illnesses product by 20% to 30%
  • Offers an option to decrease to 50% on terms of 10, 20 and 25 years; interesting if you have a mortgage loan
  • Same coverages and options as those available for Transition 25-illnesses
  • Fast application process with just 8 questions
  • Unlimited access to MediGuide's Medical Second Opinion.

For coverage without a medical exam

Covers you for a limited period of time in the event of cancer or a life-threatening illness. You need only answer 2 - 4 questions, depending on the coverage desired.

CancerGuard offers:

  • Coverage for the majority of cancers.
  • The possibility to add coverage for 5 critical illnesses.
  • Acceptance without a medical exam.
  • A lump-sum payment upon diagnosis. 
  • Coverage for 10 or 20 years, or up to year 75 of age, with guaranteed renewal.

To protect your child for life

Provides critical illness and life insurance coverage for your child during his or her lifetime. It also provides financial assistance should you need to temporarily leave your job to stay with your child in the event of a life-threatening illness.

Check out our life insurance section for details.

Child Life & Health Duo insurance offers:

  • Coverage of 30 illnesses and conditions, including 5 juvenile critical illnesses.
  • Premiums that will never increase. 
  • Valid temporary critical illness insurance coverage up to 30 years of age, which can be transferred into permanent coverage between 18 and 30 years of age. 
  • Fully-paid, permanent insurance coverage when the child reaches 30 years of age.

For your children aged 2 to 5

  • Cover your child for free for 12 months
  • Receive a free mini first aid kit when you enrol

* Available to Quebec residents only

The Kiddy Plan is:

  • Free coverage for 12 months
  • One insurance plan for all your children aged 2 to 5
  • Lump-sum benefit paid on diagnosis of a critical illness

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Compare our critical illness insurance products

Number of illnesses covered No medical exam Fixed premium Return of premiums upon death Flexible return of premiums
Transition 25 illnesses + 5 juvenile illnesses optional optional
Transition – 4 illnesses 4 illnesses + 5 juvenile illnesses optional optional
CancerGuard Majority of cancers optional optional
Child Life & Health Duo 30 illnesses including 5 juvenile illnesses

Medical Second Opinion from MediGuide, a global leader!

A critical illness diagnosis can have major implications for you and your family. When you purchase Transition or Transition – 4-illnesses, you also get unlimited access to the Medical Second Opinion service from MediGuide at no additional charge. If you are diagnosed with a critical illness (whether covered or not under the contract), this service gives you access to a group of expert physicians who can confirm the initial diagnosis and recommend the treatment plan best adapted to your situation.