Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance gives you financial assistance that you can spend as you want and the time you need to recover. Coverage designed for you.

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What is critical illness insurance?

It’s flexible coverage that guarantees the payment of tax-free funds, which you can you can use as you want, if you are diagnosed with a covered illness. Thus, you will be able to focus on what’s important and guarantee your and your family’s financial security without having to worry about the financial impacts of lost income and the costs associated with an illness.


You decide what’s best for you! There are many options available to help you build coverage that is adapted to your needs and your budget.


Comprehensive coverage with the flexibility needed to meet the specific needs of families, individuals and businesses.


Insurance coverage is also available for children of all ages, which allows you, as a parent, to temporarily leave your job to take care of your little one.

Coverage adapted to your needs

Transition – 25 illnesses

One of the most comprehensive coverage options

Whether you want protection for yourself, your loved ones, your working life or your income in retirement, Transition – 25 illnesses, the most comprehensive coverage on the market, will provide coverage when you need it the most.

The coverage and premiums are guaranteed for the term selected.

Discover the Transition Index that fits you

Transition – 4 illnesses

More affordable coverage

With transition – 4 illnesses critical illness insurance, you are covered for the four most frequent illnesses: cancer, cerebrovascular accident, heart attack and bypass surgery.

By choosing decreasing coverage, like your mortgage, you can help lower the cost of your insurance.

Discover the Transition Index that fits you


Coverage without a medical exam

CancerGuard, a simplified-issue insurance product which offers coverage for 10, 20 or 25 years, covers you for up to $125,000 if you are diagnosed with cancer.

Add-ons, like coverage for certain critical illnesses and a premium repayment option, are possible, to provide you with more comprehensive, tailored coverage.

Child Life & Health Duo

Two-for-one children’s coverage

The Child Life & Health Duo allows you to combine two essential protections for your child: whole life insurance and term critical illness insurance. With these protections, you will not have to choose between them.

Critical illness insurance premiums end when the child turns 30 but the whole life insurance remains in force.

Kiddy Plan (free)

Free coverage for toddlers

Children between two and five years of age can benefit from the Kiddy Plan, which provides free critical illness insurance for 12 months. A lump sum of up to $2,000 is paid out upon the diagnosis of a covered critical illness.

Compare our critical illness insurance products

Transition – 25 illnesses Transition – 4 illnesses Cancer Guard Child Life & Health Duo Kiddy Plan
Simple questions about your health
Guaranteed premiums
Number of covered illnesses 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses 4 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses Most forms of cancer 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses -
Amount of coverage Up to $2,500,000 Up to $2,500,000 Up to $150,000 Up to $500,000 Up to $2,000
Tax-free benefits

Medical Second Opinion from MediGuide, a global leader!

When you purchase critical illness insurance, you also get unlimited access to the MediGuide Medical Second Opinion service at no additional charge.

This service gives you access to a group of expert physicians who can confirm the initial diagnosis and recommend the treatment plan best adapted to your situation.

You will be able to get a second opinion for an illness not covered by your insurance.