Rules and information
to participate

Be creative, simple and generous!

A day of caring was organized during our 125th anniversary in 2017. Over 2,000 Canada and U.S. employees participated in nearly 45 activities.

Many of them said they wanted to do it again. So we are pleased to confirm that moving forward, the first Friday of May each year will be the “iA Day of Caring.”

Who can take part?

All employees and advisors of iA Financial Group and its subsidiaries.

Who organizes it all and how?

All you need to do is create a group, choose a leader, plan a community activity, register the group by April 27and get active on May 4.

What sort of actions or activities?

The idea isn’t to sell anything, but simply – and at no cost – to show some caring and do a good deed to help someone else.

Here are some examples:

  • Gathering clothing/toys in April and delivering them to an organization on May 4
  • Providing coffee at the office lobby
  • Spending a few hours during the day at an organization (cleaning, singing, helping…)
  • Delivering flowers to seniors in an retirement home
  • Organizing a fundraiser and delivering the money raised on May 4

You can also get some ideas from the 125th anniversary activities at


There is no budget set aside for this. If some investment is required, you may want to ask your manager what can be done.

To make you stand out, cheer you on, dress you in style…

We have low-cost T-shirts, balloons and glasses available with the iA colours. You can order these items at from March 12 to April 11.


Between now and April 27, let us know what you will be doing. That way we can show how much impact iA will make across the country!

On May 4, use hashtag #iAcaring to share your good deed.

You can also send photos to Our team will be able to share all the good you are doing throughout the day.

This is a day to do the little things too…

  • Open a door for a stranger and wish them a good day
  • When you’re driving, stop for pedestrians and give them a friendly wave
  • If a stranger does something nice for you, smile and say thank you

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