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Mental health: effective tools to support your plan members

News Release

Depression, anxiety, burn-out, etc. Almost 30% of absences from work and, as a result, disability claims, are mental-health-related. 

iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.) wants to use Mental Health Week, in May, as an opportunity to remind you that your plan members who live with mental health issues may benefit from and be supported by many tools.

Rely on prevention
The implementation of prevention-based programs is important to consider in order to improve plan members’ and organizations’ overall health. In fact, acting before mental health issues appears to reduce risk factors often helps significantly improve plan members’ quality of life.   

Well-BalancedTM, tools and services focused on prevention
As part of our health and wellness offer, the health navigation platform* is a front-line resource that provides plan members with clear and relevant information on various health-related topics, including mental health. Plan members can consult articles, information sheets and videos to find the answers to their questions. 

À-la-carte services
Another component of our offer, the à-la-carte Stay Healthy at WorkTM program makes it possible to intervene early for at-risk employees to encourage them to take charge of their health problems, improve their quality of life and reduce the risk of missing work. This confidential program covers both physical and psychological aspects, and provides personalized assistance online and by phone with healthcare professionals.

The implementation of an employee assistance program (EAP) can also be the perfect solution to offer your plan members support to help them face difficult situations in their daily lives. 

To learn more about the services that make up our health and wellness offer, please visit the Well-Balanced page on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.

*The health navigation platform is available to groups with a health insurance plan at iA Financial Group and that meet the following eligibility criteria: plan member data is stored in iA Financial Group’s systems (we manage the in-force) AND plan members have access to My Client Space.