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The health risk assessment questionnaire: A health bulletin to give you all the facts

News Release

The beginning of a new year often means resolutions, the most popular usually being health-related. More common examples include eating healthier, get back in shape, quitting smoking. 

Did you know that the health navigation platform*, offered as part of Well-BalancedTM, our health and wellness offer, has a health risk assessment questionnaire that can help your clients and their plan members obtain valuable information about their health?

By completing this questionnaire, plan members will know their risk level on key topics related to the most prevalent health concerns (personal health status, physical condition, nutrition, alcohol and tobacco, sleep, stress management, working environment, lifestyle).

In addition to promoting plan member’s awareness and engagement with respect to their health and lifestyle, they receive personalised results showing areas of improvement as well as the resources and services available to them.

Customized health risk assessment campaign 
A customized campaign can be put in place to encourage employees to participate and, obtain a comprehensive report specific to your organization. 

This report contains the overall results for all your plan members who completed the questionnaire. It allows you to identify risks and specific needs related to health and determine the types of measures to implement or promote within your health and wellness program.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.