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Help your plan members skip the line!

News Release

Like you, your plan members don’t have enough time to spend on the phone to track their healthcare claims, see whether a prescription drug is covered under their plan, obtain proof of travel insurance, etc. Luckily, most of the questions can be answered directly in My Client Space, our secure website, and in the iA Mobile app.

Make it easier for your plan members
We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volume which, sometimes, can result in additional waiting times before speaking with a Customer Service representative.

You can encourage your plan members to first go to My Client Space or use the iA Mobile app before calling Customer Service. They will instantly get access to most of the information they are looking for.

Promote the benefits of our digital tools to your plan members
We invite you to transfer the information to your plan members to encourage them to use our digital tools and, thus, avoid the telephone queue. 

  • Print a PDF version to hand it to your plan members
  • Send an email following the steps detailed below:
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on one of these links:
    English version:
    French version:
  3. The link opens in an email window in Internet Explorer. In the menu bar click on File > Send > Page by email…
  4. The email then opens in an email window in Outlook. Enter recipients’ addresses in the Bcc: field. This prevents recipients from seeing the other recipients’ addresses.
  5. Enter the subject of the email:
    In English: Skip the line and get instant answers to your questions with our digital tools
    In French: Évitez l’attente et obtenez instantanément des réponses à vos questions grâce à nos solutions numériques
  6. Click on Send.