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Amendment to the policy termination clause

News Release

Following a review of some sections of our standard policy, we have removed a paragraph from the policy termination clause, deeming it more restrictive than necessary. We are removing paragraph d), which states the following: 

d) Notwithstanding clauses b) and c), on any premium due date, the insurer may, for any other reason, terminate this policy by giving written notice to the Policyholder at least 31 Days in advance of the termination.

The rest of the policy termination clause remains the same.

This amendment to iA Financial Group’s standard group insurance policy was made on November 1st and will take effect at your next renewal or when your group insurance policy is next amended. In the meantime, please consider this communiqué a rider to your policy and attach it thereto until your policy is updated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your iA Financial Group advisor or business development manager.