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Group insurance eligibility for dependent children studying abroad

News Release

It is increasingly common to have a dependent child studying abroad for an extended period. To protect your plan members with children in this situation from running into problems, it’s best to ensure that the group insurance eligibility criteria are met throughout their children’s stay outside their province of residence.

Group insurance plan eligibility criteria for dependent children

iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.) uses specific criteria to determine the eligibility of dependent children for a group insurance plan. Accordingly, to be eligible, dependent children must:

  1. Be covered by the public health insurance plan in their province of residence.
  2. Meet the definition of full-time Canadian resident.
  3. Meet the definition of a dependent child under the group insurance contract.


Maintaining provincial health insurance coverage

Dependent children who are going to study abroad must first take the necessary steps to maintain their provincial health insurance coverage. If they don’t, they will no longer be covered under their group insurance plan. While each province has its own specific criteria, the main conditions common to most provinces to remain eligible for provincial health insurance coverage are, among others:

  • Permanent address maintained in the province of residence while outside the province
  • Full-time enrolment in a foreign educational institution or program recognized by the province of residence
  • Intention to return to the province of residence after studying abroad

Upon submission of proof, students can renew their provincial health insurance coverage annually.

Confirmation of full-time student status

It is the plan member’s responsibility to communicate with iA Financial Group to confirm the full-time student status of their dependents each year, both for those studying abroad at any age and for those age 21 or over1 studying in their province of residence.

For dependent children studying abroad, iA Financial Group can provide a personalized letter confirming their insurance coverage for the duration of their stay outside the province of residence.

iA Financial Group can also provide you with more information regarding dependent child eligibility. Please feel free to contact us for additional details.
We invite you to share this information with your plan members via email, following the procedure below:

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  2. Click on one of the following links:
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  5. Enter the email subject:
    French version: Un enfant à charge étudiant à l’étranger? Assurez-vous de maintenir son admissibilité à l’assurance collective!
    English version: Dependent children studying abroad? Make sure they keep their group insurance eligibility!
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1 Important! Certain group insurance contracts stipulate that full-time student status must be confirmed from age 18.