Health navigation platform, a reliable resource for health


Since the Cannabis Act, which governs the recreational use of cannabis, came into force, several companies have updated their internal policies regarding the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace to inform their employees of their rights and obligations.  

Many articles and studies on this topic, sometimes contradictory, have also been published, sometimes making it difficult to know which way is up. 

Did you know that the health navigation platform, part of Well-BalancedTM, our health and wellness offer, contains several articles that could help your plan members see things more clearly. It is now possible to find content about relevant topics (i.e., diabetes, men’s health, understanding cannabis, etc.). Stay tuned! New content will be added to the platform every month.

Promote the platform
Plan members can take advantage of a range of resources to answer their questions about health, for free*, online and by phone. We have promotional materials to help you promote the health navigation platform to your plan members.

These materials are available in the plan administrator My Client Space (our secure website) under Health and wellness - Toolbox.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or your iA Financial Group Account Executive.

To learn more about the services that make up our health and wellness offer, please visit the Well-Balanced page on our website.

* The health navigation platform is available to groups with an iA Financial Group health insurance plan and that meet the following eligibility criteria: Plan member information is stored in iA Financial Group’s systems (we manage the in-force) AND plan members have access to My Client Space.