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Active Pharmacy for Specialty Drugs

News Release

An innovative solution to manage spiraling drug costs

We are pleased to announce that we are making enhancements to our Active Pharmacy1 service by adding speciality drugs. This service, powered by the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy®, will help you maintain the financial health of your plan and will also contribute to the health and well-being of your plan members. Thanks to the Active Pharmacy, your plan members who suffer from serious, complex or chronic conditions will benefit from complete pharmaceutical support, which will allow them to make enlightened decisions regarding drug management, thereby optimizing their health. The Active Pharmacy has several advantages, including: 

  • Specific care and support from a team of health care professionals specialized in the treatment of the plan member’s condition 
  • Support to your plan members who wish to enrol in a government plan or special programs that allow the coordination of benefits 
  • Free delivery of prescription drugs to the plan member’s home or another location of his or her choosing
  • Collaboration between Active Pharmacy pharmacists and the plan member's physician, with the plan member’s consent, to determine the best treatment plan, in order to optimize not only the health outcome but also treatment costs 
  • Reminders, automatic prescription renewals and monitoring of medical treatment 
  • Opportunity to consult with a pharmacist 24/7

Until now, the Active Pharmacy focused mainly on maintenance drugs, meaning those taken on a regular basis to treat chronic conditions. The addition of specialty drugs, which are generally expensive and must be handled with care and used to treat complex chronic conditions, is excellent news for you and your plan members. 

Because many specialty drug users also take maintenance drugs, this approach makes it possible to manage your plan members’ special needs and help them adopt behaviours that optimize not only their health but also the money they spend on their prescriptions. Please note that specialty drugs offered by the Active Pharmacy are those that require prior authorization by iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.) and may be sent by mail without compromising their effectiveness.  

For more information about the Active Pharmacy, we invite you to consult “The Active Pharmacy – An innovative solution to manage chronic and complex health conditions”.

Please note that the features described above may be available in Quebec through PharmaGo partner pharmacies. Also note that in Quebec, no coverage changes in favour of a specific pharmacy can be made.

Are you interested in the Active Pharmacy for specialty drugs? Please contact your benefits advisor or your iA Financial Group account executive whether or not your group insurance plan already includes the Active Pharmacy for maintenance drugs.

1 The Active Pharmacy includes maintenance and specialty drug management. However, a plan sponsor may opt for specialty drug management only.