Psychotherapy Services Now Available Under Group Benefit Plans


The Psychotherapy Act, 2007 recently came into force in Ontario, following the passage of similar legislation in Nova Scotia and Quebec that regulates the use of the title “psychotherapist.”  

In Quebec, psychotherapy is regulated under Bill 21, which states that only psychologists and physicians can practice psychotherapy. Other professionals, such as social workers, family therapists, guidance counsellors, nurses and occupational therapists, may also practice psychotherapy, provided they hold a valid licence from their regulatory body and have a psychotherapist’s permit issued by the College of Psychologists of Quebec.

The Act recently passed in Ontario and the laws in effect in Nova Scotia and Quebec do not oblige employers or insurance carriers to include this service in group insurance plans and reimburse these expenses. 

However, since more provinces have begun to recognize and accept the practice of psychotherapy, iA Financial Group has decided to add this service to the psychology benefit coverage. Plan members can thus choose to consult the professional of their choice.

Moving forward, we will include psychotherapy as part of the psychology benefit in all standard contracts for new groups. Existing groups can choose to add psychotherapy to their plan. To do so, they just need to make a request through their iA Financial group account executive. The change will take effect at the next renewal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this communiqué, please contact your benefits advisor or your iA Financial Group account executive.