Posaction® Plus Program: A New Approach


This communiqué concerns you only if your plan includes the Posaction® Plus program.

Please be advised that on October 1, 2015, iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.), in collaboration with Solareh1, implemented a more rigorous approach to the management of psychosocial counselling available in the Posaction® Plus program.

Going forward, once a file is opened for an employee who is facing difficulties, Solareh counsellor will inform the employee of the number of hours to which he or she is entitled, pursuant to a short-term therapy approach. Where applicable, the counsellor may provide recommendations and direct the employee to resources outside Posaction® Plus for more specific treatment or for medium- or long-term counselling.

As a reminder, the Posaction® Plus program includes the following four components:

  1. Training modules for managers on how to lead teams
  2. Telephone coaching for managers
  3. Post-traumatic intervention and telephone coaching during tragic events in the workplace
  4. Psychosocial assistance for troubled employees, whether absent or displaying the risk of being absent from work

It is important to note that with respect to the fourth component, psychosocial counselling hours are only offered to troubled employees upon recommendation by the employee’s manager. Additionally, we would like to remind you that even though there is a psychosocial assistance component, Posaction® Plus is not an employee assistance program (EAP).

Please note that iA Financial Group offers an employee assistance program (EAP) that includes a wide range of services for your employees and their dependents, such as family, financial and legal support. It provides insureds with access to useful information and professionals who are members of recognized associations or orders without the involvement of their manager. The EAP is a valuable complement to your group insurance plan. It can help to prevent disability and thus, reduce the financial impact on your group plan.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this communiqué, please contact your benefits advisor or your iA Financial Group account executive.

1 Solareh is a service provider that promotes and improves the overall health of individuals and organizations.