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Management of Administrative Forms

News Release

At Industrial Alliance, we are constantly striving to simplify our administrative processes to help you with the day-to-day management of your group plan, while implementing best administrative practices. In this context, here is our process for the submission of the Enrolment Request form (F54-018A), the Change Request form (F54-070A) and the Appointment or Change of Beneficiary form (F54-887A):

  • If you use Web@dmin to enrol your plan members and update their information, it is not necessary to submit forms for enrolment requests, change requests or appointment or change of beneficiaries. Please retain them for your records. 
  • If you do not use Web@dmin for these tasks, please send us photocopies of the forms and retain the originals for your records.

Reminder regarding beneficiary appointments:

    • Sections for the beneficiary appointment, the signature and the date must be completed in ink.
    • The plan member cannot appoint himself/herself as a beneficiary. 
    • If the beneficiary appointment has been crossed out or altered with liquid paper, the plan member must initial the change. 
    • The total allocation must be equal to or less than 100% (if less than 100%, the difference will be payable to the estate).

It is important for you to retain the originals of the forms mentioned in this communiqué as you may have to provide them to Industrial Alliance upon request.

Please contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance service representative if you have any questions about this information.