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Coming Soon: Improved Disability Claims Process and Semi-Monthly Payment Frequency!

News Release

Please forward this communiqué to the person responsible for disability insurance

At Industrial Alliance, our ambition is to be the best group benefits service provider in the eyes of our clients. This goal is supported by our commitment to continuous improvement. Your ongoing feedback regarding all aspects of our service is vital to the pursuit of our ambition. Continuous improvement and a commitment to client-focused service are among the core values that guide our disability management initiatives.

Improved Disability Claims Process

We are pleased to announce that our improved disability claims process will begin rolling out in November 2013.

Why is the process changing?
  • To improve our clients’ service experience 
  • To continuously innovate in order to achieve our goal of being the best service provider of group benefits 
  • To make the right claims decisions faster
What are the improvements?
  • Plan administrators may now call or complete a form to initiate a new disability claim with Industrial Alliance 
  • No more forms to be completed by plan members: Industrial Alliance will call the plan member directly to obtain any personal and medical information required to make the decision 
  • No more forms to be completed by the attending physician(s): following the plan member interview, Industrial Alliance will communicate directly with the physician(s) using a personalized medical questionnaire specific to the condition of the insured if additional medical information is required to make a decision 
  • In all cases, the case manager will provide a confirmation of the decision to the employer and the plan member by phone and by letter
Benefits of the improved process
  • Reduced delays in receiving the claim 
  • More accurate information collected 
  • Elimination of the physician’s statement 
  • Faster decision-making, while ensuring quality and consistency. 
  • Optimized communications with plan members since interviews are conducted over the phone

New Semi-Monthly Payment Frequency for Long-Term Disability Benefits

Another initiative that we are proud to announce is our new semi-monthly (twice a month) benefit payment option. Unless informed otherwise, long-term disability claimants will receive their benefits on or around the 15th and 30th of each month.

This enhancement will be implemented progressively in all our in-force groups over the next few months. Upon implementation, all group claimants will move to the new semi-monthly payment frequency.

For any questions or concerns regarding this new process, please contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance group insurance account executive.